Interface Language

CopyTo Synchronizer default interface language is English. However, you can replace it with your native language. The language files in the table below are text files. These files will change the language of your user interface, but do not include the help files.

Available languages for v3.11

  Language Translated by Version Download Date Comments
  Catala Josep Torrente 3.00 08/03/2007  
  Dutch Gert Hijkoop 3.00 05/15/2007  
  French Mouton Noir 3.00 05/15/2007  
  German Ralph Hiesl 3.00 cp2german(alternative) 05/06/2007  
  German Norbert Engele 3.00 05/04/2007  
  Italian Riccardo 3.00 05/03/2007  
  Japanese kish 3.00 04/28/2007  
  Swedish Joa Palmer 3.00 05/03/2007  
  Spanish German Martin 3.00 05/03/2007  

Old versions

CopyTo Synchronizer v3.11 contains some new resource strings. Therefore, when the following language files are used, some strings are not displayed correctly.


  Language Translated by Version Status Date Comments
  German Ralph Hiesl 2.00 Download 04/28/2007 Based on German v1.02 by Norbert Engele.
  German Norbert Engele 1.02 Download 10/15/2005 Changed some words
  French Mouton Noir 1.02 Download 10/16/2005 Fixed: Some text was too long
  Swedish Joa Palmer 1.01 Download 10/09/2005  
  Chinese-Simplified wzx 1.01 Download 09/24/2005 Modified for v3.06
  Chinese-Traditional JJ 1.02 Download 01/09/2006  
  Japanese kish 1.02 Download 01/14/2006  
  Spanish German Martin 1.00 Download 01/18/2006  
  Dutch Gert Hijkoop 1.00 Download 02/07/2006  
  Italian Riccardo Orlando 1.00 Download 04/16/2006  

How to install a language file?

How can I translate the program?

Changes for v3.11 of the language file