Explanatry note of "Self-washing pen"

1, Special Features of "Self-washing pen"
"Self-washing pen" ( "MIZU-FUDE-PEN" by KURETAKE Co.,Ltd Nara.Japan) is
* an epoch-making device, with water to be put into the pen-handle.
* extremely convinient to be used anywhere without a pictuer,
* easily prepared and finished, and therefore
* more suitable than any other pen for picture cards or outdoor activities
  such as traveling and nature observation.

"Self-washing pen" by KURETAKE Co.,Ltd Nara.Japan

2, How to prepare
* First, take off the penpoint, put water into the pen-handle, and set the penpoint.
* Then push the "PUSH" part of the pen-handle to inject water into the penpoint.
* Next wipe off the penpoint with tissue to keep it wet to a sliget degree.

3, How to use
* Put watercolor directly to the penpoint, and dwaw a picture.
* Push the pen-handle to refill the penpoint with water if,
  and only when, there is insufficient waterat the penpoint.
* Wipe off the penpoint with tissue if there is too much water.

4, How to change colors
* Just wipe off the penpoint with tissue a few times to clear and change the color.

5, How to draw a picture in the best way
* Do not put too much color at one time.
  First draw lightly, and, after it drys, draw lightly again. Repeat this process.
  This way minimizes need to mix colors.
* Before painting a large area like sky at a stretch,
  wet the paper with the penpoint without watercolor on it.

(Mt. Yatsugatake Nagano pref.)

6, How to mix colors
* Prepare a sheet of glossy paper, and mix colors on it.
* To avoid staining a watercolor with another color, wipe off the penpoint each time.

7, How to Finish
* Just wipe off the penpoint, and put the cap on it.

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