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FS1704.gif sleeve LOVE STORY She's My Kind of Girl Japanese by MONMA Hiroshi single: Phonogram Japan FS1704
(Mar., 1972)
LOVE STORY was formed by one girl and five boys. I don't know them so much. This song was in B-side of their single "Koi no Dobu-Nezumi."
SOLL11 cover MINAMI Saori She's My Kind of Girl English LP: CBS/Sony SOLL11
(Sept. 21, 1972)
MINAMI Saori called Cynthia by her nickname, is a very famous singer in Japan. "She's My Kind of Girl" was put in her 4th album "Aishu no Page." She also sang "You've Got a Friend," "Go Away Little Girl," "It's Going To Take Some Time," "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" etc. in this album.
SJX8066 cover IWASAKI Hiromi That's Me Japanese by YAMAMOTO Iori 2LP: Victor SJX8066/7
(Dec. 20, 1977)
IWASAKI Hiromi is a famous singer in Japan. She sings all sorts of song. "That's Me" was put in her live album "Atarashii Ai no Tabidachi." She also sang "You Are Everything," "Can't Help Falling in Love," "Without You" etc. in this album.
DSF131 sleeve ENATSU Kazuki Voulez-Vous Japanese by KANEMATSU Masato single: Discomate DSF131
(July, 1979)
ENATSU Kazuki was a member of LAYLA, formed two boys. After breakup of the group, this single named "Atsuku Nare" was released.
SKS90 cover KURATA Mariko Hasta Manana / Angeleyes Japanese by ARAN Tomoko LP: King SKS90
(Nov. 5, 1979)
KURATA Mariko was a member of the Sundays. This group, formed by three young girls, often sang European and American pop songs in TV show. "Hasta Manana" and "Angeleyes" were put in her debut album "Anata ni Meguriae te."
TOCT9141 cover DUKE ACES Dancing Queen English 2CD: Toshiba EMI TOCT9141/2
(Sept. 6, 1995)
DUKE ACES is formed by four boys in middle age. They are very famous vocal group in Japan. They sing all sorts of song. "Dancing Queen" is put in their 40th. anniversary album "Duke Box '95." They also sang "I can't Help Falling in Love with You," "Sing," "Imagine" etc. in this album.
PHCL5037 cover KREAM Dancing Queen Japanese by HATAKEYAMA Ichiro CD: Mercury Japan PHCL5037
(Oct. 7, 1996)
KREAM is formed by two young girls, FUNAMI Keiko and AYABE Tomoko. "Dancing Queen" was the first number of their debut album "Time Machine ni Onegai." They also sang "Tragedy," "How Deep Is Your Love" and "Hot Stuff" in this album.

Thanks to Maataro for cover information of LOVE STORY, MINAMI Saori, KURATA Mariko and DUKE ACES
and to Fujikawa for cover info of IWASAKI Hiromi.

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