links to other ABBA sites

Japanese fan sites

by Taheri (English/Japanese)

Izumi's Web Pages
by Izumi (Japanese)

The Joking Samurai's Home Page
by George BOURDANIOTIS (English/Japanese)

Lovelight ABBA
by Fess (Japanese)

Yoji's Wonder Page
by Yoji YOSHIMOTO (English/Japanese)

Encounter with ABBA
by Jun HONDA (English/Japanese)

relative site by Japanese friend

Trans World '60s Punk: Cutie Morning Moon
about Hep Stars by Hitomi I. (English/Japanese)

Other fan sites

The ABBA Phenomenon in Australia
by Ian Cole in Australia (English)

Abba Plaza
by Robert Verbeek in Netherlands (English)

Abba - The Worldwide Chart List
by Trent Nickson in Australia (English)

by Ian Cole in Australia (English)

KARI's ABBA Palace
by Kari S. in Finland (English)

The Shapes of Josefin Nilsson
A site about Josefin Nilsson by Mattias Olsson and Jeffrey de Hart in Sweden. Benny produced Josefin's album "Shapes" (English)

Tracy's ABBA Page
by Tracy Jacobs (English)

Twist In The Dark - A Tribute To Frida
by Grant Whittingham in Australia (English)

official sites

ABBA - The Site
the official ABBA website by Polar Music (English)

Kristina fran Duvemala
Kristina fran Duvemala official site by Briggen Teaterproduktion (Swedish/English)

Kristina frn Duvemla

Mamma Mia! official site (English)

Anderson Records
Anderson Records released Frida's "Djupa andetag" (Swedish)

umusic japan
Universal Music K.K., Japanese subsidiary company of Universal Music Group (Japanese)
Click here to go to umusic japan

Shiki Theatre Company
Runner of Mamma Mia! Tokyo performance (English/Japanese/Chinese)

TBS Internet!
Tokyo Broadcasting System, a Japanese radio and TV station (English/Japanese)

Strawberry on the Shortcake
TV series on TBS-TV (Japanese)

Pony Canyon released TV series "Strawberry on the Shortcake" on VHS and DVD (Japanese)

tv asahi
TV asahi, a Japanese TV station (Japanese)

Paramount Home Entertainment (Japan)
Paramount Home Entertainment released TV series "LOVE & FIGHT" on DVD (Japanese)

Yamaha Music Foundation
Bjorn and Benny with Agnetha and Frida appeared in World Music Popular Song Festival and performed Santa Rosa in 1972 (English/Japanese)

Sony Music Online Japan
Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc. official site (English/Japanese)
You can download soundfile (29 seconds) of Jakaranda's "Just like That" from Sony Music site. Click for Jakaranda's page.

The Lena Andersson story
Lena Andersson's site by herself. She belonged to Polar Music in 70's. (English/Swedish)

Bjorn Again Home Page
an ABBA tribute band (English)

A-TEENS.COM - The official A-Teens website
Swedish dance unit, released ABBA tribute album "The ABBA Generation" (English/Spanish/Swedish)

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