The long-distance coach service is known to be a convenient way to travel around Turkey.  The only way to Edirne is the motorway.  Let's go to Edirne where wrestling is held by coach.
  The long-distance bus terminals in Istanbul are located on both the European side and the Asian side.  The Esenler Otogar (Otogar means bus terminal in Turkish) is on the European side and the Harem Otogar is on the Asian side.
  There is a direct coach service to Edirne from both bus terminals.  As Edirne is located in the west end of Turkey, I will explain the route from Esenler Otogar this time.

  The easiest way is to go to Esenler Otogar from central Istanbul is to catch a city bus from Taksim square in the new town.
  The Bus-number is 830.

  If you decide to take a taxi it will cost around 33 USD.

  It is also possible to go to the Otogar by tram which runs beside Bluemosque in the old town and then take the metro.  In that case, you should get off the tram at YUSUFPASA station and then take the metro at AKSARAY station.  There are signboards for you to follow and it will take you about five minutes on foot from YUSUFPASA to AKSARAY station.
  The OTOGAR-ESENLER station is the stop for the bus terminal.
  Most of the public transport in Istanbul cost 1.3YTL single way regardless the distance. 

  When you arrive at the Esenler Otogar, you will be surprised at the size of the bus terminal as it will remind you of an airport.  This is an international bus terminal.  It is also possible to go to Greece and Germany by getting on the bus if you put your mind to it.

  There are more than 300 coach company offices that are lined up next to each other.  Each coach company has signboards which shows you the destinations they go.

  When you pass the ticket counter, the coach for departure waits on the other side of the office.
  Several companies operate a coach service for Edirne.  It might be a good idea to choose a company that provides the most comfortable journey.
  The Volkan Co. is recommended as one of the comfortable bus companies for Edirne.  The bus for Edirne is operated every hour on the hour, and the charge is 17YTL which is around 13USD.  The coach journey takes two and a half hours.  When you are buying a ticket to Edirne, you will be asked to choose a departure time from the timetable.  After that to print the ticket the person in charge will ask for your name.
  When the fare is paid and the ticket is received you will go out to the other side of the office to get on the bus.  Large luggages can be entrusted to the trunk of the bus.
  If you have got time left you can wait in the lounge area which is above the office.  Snacks and drinks can be bought at the stall in the lounge.

  Inside of the bus is wide, voluminous, and air conditioned.
  Hot coffee, tea, and a cake are served for free with mineral water.
  The journey to Edirne Otogar is on a well maintained motorway while looking a calm scenery.

@This is the Edirne Otogar.  The distance between Edirne Otogar  and the town center is 10 km.  There is a bus service from the Otogar to town centre and it costs 0.5YTL.
@It takes around 30 minutes on foot if you walk from town center to wrestling stadium.  If you are planning to go to there directly, it might be more convenient to take a taxi from the Otogar.
  Which costs 25YTL which is around 19USD.

  You can purchase a ticket to watch the wrestling on the day from the ticket counter in the stadium.  The charge for the most expensive seat is 35YTL, namely 27USD.
1USD = 1.3YTL

July 2008