This is famous Grace Chan(Ge Lan)
She was most famous star in 1950's.
She was youngChinese symbol
she was top singer and actress.
And she retired early 60's.
Now she making up legendary person.

This record was released late of 50's
She sing two songs.(other are
Poon Sowkeng)(Angel 3AE 106)


This is inner of CD which released 1993
from Hong Kong EMI.
This series released many singer.
and Top two sales is Chow Hsuan's one
and this one!(I can't understand why
this CD not including "JaJambo")
(EMI 0777 78312 2 9)

She released a LP in USA call
"Hong Kong's Grace Chang"

(Ge Lan's songs)
Including 11songs,and short introduction
about songs and her.
This is second LP about Chinese pop
music released by Capitol USA
Capitol T10272(mono) 1961?
And she gone to U.S.And appearance
Dinah Shore TV show.She was the
first artist from Hong Kong to appear
American TV