This is a science-fiction film. The story is, as the title shows, full of children adventure. One night, four kids find a gift from the future, a high-tech robot. But they do not know one of the kids sent it 20 years in the future. Aliens from outer space send a space ship with some crewmembers to Earth in order to search it before an invasion. Of course, we cannot resist them with our current technology. Therefore, the person sent the high-tech robot, "Tetora" from the future. Kids fight against the space ship and the crewmembers. Tetora dies in the battle. However, the kids destroy the aliens' mother ship by sending a huge amount of water causing the ship to explode. The story might be common and simple, but romance, bravery and friendship exist in it. Even if you are an adult, you will be moved. What you do not forget is its computer graphics (CG). The director Takashi Yamazaki is very famous in Hollywood for CG. Anne Suzuki plays the roll of the heroine Misaki. Misaki is very boyish and brave. The other three boys have a crush on her. Especially, the most sheepish boy loves her the most. When she was a hostage, it was he who was the most brave. He recovers her from the aliens. They get married 20 years later, and then they discover it was he who sent the robot "Tetora" to them when they were kids.

For a boy, adventure makes him a man, and so does love. You cannot miss the film "Juvenile". The film was played in the US and other foreign countries. You can buy the DVD with English subtitles now. I would particularly recommend the DVD version of the movie as it comes with so many "extras" such as the full movie with the producer's and director's comments.