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Anne Suzuki

Have you ever seen the movie "Returner" or "Juvenile"?
Anne is an actress full of talent. She started her career as an actress in a TV drama "Aoi Tori, L'oiseau Bleu" in 1997. Her great acting talent was recognized by Hollywood, and she made her international debut in "Snow Falling on Cedars". After appearing in some dramas, she played a very important roll in the movie Returner (2002), she then won the Rookie of the Year award at the Japanese Academy Award (2003). We hope she will become a great international actress some day.

Anne recently acted as a guide to the American Tony Awards 2003 on TV in Japan. One of the reasons why she was appointed to the guide was that she appeared on the stage, 'The Miracle Worker', early this year. She played the role of Helen Keller. (Picture)

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