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Chinese-English-Japanese Terms for Printed Circuits

Here is a collection of technical terms used in printed circuit industry. Terms are given in 3 languages: Chinese, Japanese and English. Please click one of the following three parts below:

{}Word source (see below for the notation).
()Pronunciation. Japanese words are written in kana, Chinese are in pinyin. 4 voices of the Chinese are not written with accent marks but with numerals.
==>See also.
(*)Remarks. Notes.

This collection of terms is based on the following national standards and reference books.

Source IDStandard NumberTitle
JSJIS C5603 (1993)Terms and Definition for printed circuits
GBGB/T 2036 (1994)Terms for printed circuits
CP(none)Printed Circuit Terms (published by CPCA, February 1999)

JIS = Japanese Industry Standard, GB = Guojia Biaozhun = National Standard (of China),CPCA = China Printed Circuit Association

Throughout the document, the ID marks (JS, GB, CP) are used to indicate the word source. Example: {GB-5.4.20} means subhead 5.4.20 of GB/T 2036.Since this document does not provide definitions of the terms, it is recommended to go back to the original literature, based on this source indication.

All the words adopted by JIS C5603 is included in this document.

This document (except this page) contains 3 different languages (Japanese, English and Chinese) to be displayed simultaneously in the same screen. As such, Universal Alphabet (UTF-8) is used as the character set. The switching of the character set should be done automatically. If you have problem of switching character set, then you switch it manually.

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