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jqmMarkdown is new markdown implementation for smartphone and tablet devices.

Write onece, Create a mobile site for any smart devices.

Support browser : iPhone, iPad, Android, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and HTML5 supprt browsers.

Official site is here.

NOTE that:This site for IE6-9 users. Others,see Official site

How to use

Write an article at left side.

If you push [>>] button, jqmm convert and show html codes at right side.


jqmMarkdown 0.9.0 (x86)

.NET framework 3.5

OS : Windows XP, Windows7


See jqmm official site or twitter @dentakurou.


0.8.0 Release
0.8.1 Fix url encode trouble.
0.8.2 Change transition behavior. Support annotations @analytics and @top.
0.8.3 Support list syntax * and +.
0.8.4 Auto level function is disable at default.Support @autolevel.
0.9.0 I18N(Internationalize) and jQuery Mobile new version 1.2.0 compatible

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